Gamat Bay, located in Nusa Penida, Bali, can be considered the wilder version of its sister, Crystal Bay. It resembles an aquarium, but with the addition of strong currents.

Gamat Bay is a magnificent destination on Nusa Penida, though it is less convenient to access than Crystal Bay. To reach the beach, you must travel by road to the top of the hill and then follow a relatively simple trail down to the shore. Gamat Bay is a more natural and untouched setting, so chances are you won’t encounter many visitors, except for some snorkeling and diving boats that appear in the morning.

Pantai Gamat Bay Beach Nusa Penida Bali

Gamat Bay, Nusa Penida, Bali

Snorkeling at Gamat Bay

If you want to snorkel from Gamat Bay beach, you can bring your own equipment or rent some on the road, just before parking your scooter. And do not forget the fins because the currents can be very strong, as often in Nusa Penida island. Do not go too far from the beach and be very careful, especially if there is no boat in front of the beach. We have already rescued with our diving boat a woman who was snorkeling and was being driven out to sea. Fun fact, she was very worried about her husband (“Help me, where is my husband ?”) who was quietly waiting for her at the beach … But if you respect all these instructions snorkeling is indeed very nice !

Gamat Bay Nusa Penida Bali Turtle

Turtle in Nusa Penida underwater

Gamat Bay is normally also one of the spots proposed by the snorkeling tours leaving from Toyapakeh or from Crystal Bay. In this case you will normally be perfectly supervised (if the tour is professional). The tour is a great experience as it usually includes as well Manta Bay to swim with Manta Rays.

Palm trees Pantai Gamat Bay Beach Nusa Penida Bali

Palm trees at Gamat Bay

Scuba Diving

Gamat Bay is also one of the most beautiful scuba diving spots in Nusa Penida. Because the bay is a plateau about 8 meters deep, with a lot of colorful fish and coral. And you will often see turtles as well. It is therefore a good place to make a discovery dive when conditions are good. Especially if there is no current at the time of the tide. And at the exit of the bay there is a wall that goes down to a sand plateau 40 meters deep. This is where I saw one day 14 Mola Mola ! But there is no need to go that deep for a beautiful dive. You may also see bamboo sharks and marble rays. But pay attention also to diving conditions and currents.

Gamat Bay Nusa Penida Bali Drone view

Drone view of the bay

To be sure to dive safely and to get the most out of your fun dive, you can dive with Warnakali, the first PADI dive center opened in Nusa Penida. Ask for Yann who has dived more than 3000 times in Nusa Penida and who knows each spot as his pocket. The Warnakali PADI 5 star dive resort also offers diving initiation with a training in its three meter deep pool before going to sea for 2 discovery dives.


Get to Gamat Bay Nusa Penida Bali

Get to Gamat Bay

How to get to Gamat Bay

To go to Gamat Bay from Toyapakeh you will take the first intersection to the right towards Crystal Bay and Gamat Bay.

Arrived at a small fork you will take the small asphalt road to the right. There is a green sign that says Gamat Bay 1 kilometer. You will continue this road till the end. Halfway, the road is no longer asphalted. After a while and a concrete road going down you will see a small green sign that says Pantai Gamat. Park your scooter there and follow during 10 minutes a large path going down to the right. It used to be a nice road that you could follow with your scooter. Not any more. That shows you how fast a road can get really bad after a few rain seasons … You will find a very small path on your left, 20 meters before the end of this dirt road. After 5 minutes you will be on the beach.

If you follow the road till the end, turning left after the Pantai Gamat sign, you will arrive to Amok sunset bar and restaurant. The place you want to be to enjoy the afternoon around the pool with a great view for sunset !

Amok Sunset Pool Bar Restaurant Nusa Penida

Amok Sunset in Nusa Penida, Bali

How do you get from Bali to Gamat Bay ?

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