Nusa Penida Island

This article explains how to get to Nusa Penida from Bali, which port to choose in Bali and in Nusa Penida, how to choose the right fast boat to go to Nusa Penida. You will also find all the time tables. It is part of a series of article giving practical information about Nusa Penida island.

There are now 16 fastboat companies that connect Bali and Nusa Penida daily. And there is a choice between 40 fast boats to get to Nusa Penida every day. It takes about 30 minutes to go to Nusa Penida from Sanur and only 15 minutes from Kusamba, near Padang Bay. Some companies serve the port of Toyapakeh in Nusa Penida, others the port of Sampalan.

Be careful, during this period of covid-19 coronavirus crisis, only a few fast boat companies are operating. To board you need a rapid test, your passeport and a certificate of residence (to be delivered by your hotel).

How to get to Nusa Penida : which port ?

The fast boat companies have different ports of departure in Bali and ports of arrival at Nusa Penida. This gives you a lot more flexibility. But it also complicates the choice of departure and arrival ports.

The 4 departure ports from Bali

  • Sanur (Jalan Hang Tuah) for most companies. There is no pontoon so you have to board from the beach. You drop your shoes in a bin on the beach and you have to board with water up to your knees. It is therefore better to be in short pants. Staff members bring your suitcases on board. You may be surprised to see them handling 3 to 4 suitcases on their head, but I have never seen or heard of a suitcase that has fallen into the water.
  • Sanur (Mertasari Beach) for the company Semabu Fast Boat that will take you to Toyapakeh Harbour. The departure is from a pontoon. And the port is closer to the airport. But there are only two daily connections: at 8:30 am and 1 pm from Sanur. And at 11am and 5pm from Nusa Penida. I have not tried this company yet.
  • Kusamba, near Padang Bay for some companies that serve Toyapakeh Harbour and Sampalan. Boarding is from a floating pontoon. The duration of the crossing is much shorter (15 minutes).
  • Serangan, near the airport, for the company Gogun Express. I did not try this company that shows a single daily connection between Serangan and Nusa Penida on its site, with a departure at 8am from Serangan and at 5pm from Nusa Penida.
Sanur how to get to Nusa Penida Bali

Boarding in Sanur

The 3 arrival ports at Nusa Penida

  • Toyapakeh (Banjar Nyuh) for most companies.
  • Sampalan and next door, Buyuk, for some companies.

How to choose the right port ?

You have to choose your company and your fast boat to go to Nusa Penida according to where you come from in Bali and where you are going to in Nusa Penida. To make it short if you come from Ubud, Amed, Sidemen pick up Kusamba as your departure port. But from Sanur, Seminyak, Cangu, choose Sanur.

If you are heading to Sampalan, Buyuk, Ped or Atuh Beach, choose Sampalan as your arrival port. For Ped, Toyapakeh, Crystal Bay, choose Toyapakeh Harbour.

Boarding is much easier in Kusamba because there are floating pontoons. From Sanur you will need to wear short pants because you board from the beach, in shallow water, sometimes in the middle of the waves.

How to get to Nusa Penida Toyapakeh Harbour

Disembarking in Toyapakeh

What is the fair price for a Bali to Nusa Penida ticket?

The 8 fast boat companies that leave from Sanur Beach are located at the same location, at the end of Jalan Hangtuah, which can facilitate the price negotiation. In any case do not pay more than IDR 200,000 per person for one way from Sanur and IDR 100,000 from Kusamba (unless the transfer to or from the port is included in the price). In Kusamba, Maruti Express and Sekarjaya leave from the same place, Gangga Express a hundred meters away.

Drivers may charge you up to 150,000 IDR for a transfer between Toyapakeh and Sampalan. Another reason to choose the right port of arrival.

Get to Nusa Penida : do you need to book ?

Be careful, it may be better to book your trip one day in advance, especially in high season, because the boats are often full. And it is better to arrive with a little advance because the boats leave usually on time. Or even a few times before the time … The boats are very recent and the service is very professional. There are discounts on prices for residents with KITAS. The hotels of Nusa Penida also generally offer a package with boat transfer + car transfer which can be interesting. The other solution is to go there and take the first boat that offers an available seat and a good price. Or try calling or sending a message with WhatsApp to the company.


Fast Boat to Nusa Penida Bali

Fast Boat

Get to Nusa Penida : Schedules (sorted out by company)

Here are the companies that connect Bali to Nusa Penida and their schedules. Check the schedules anyway as they change often. With the current schedules the first fast boat Sanur leaves at 7am and the last one at 5.45 pm. For the return to Sanur, the first fast boat leaves Nusa Penida at 6:45 and the last at 5 pm.

From Sanur to Toyapakeh Harbour

Angel Billabong fast cruise

  • Boat : Prasi Sentana II
  • Sanur to Nusa Penida : 7 am, 7.30 am, 9 am, 2 pm 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm
  • Way back to Sanur : 6.45 am, 8 am, 1 pm, 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm
  • +62 81 280 500 000

Maruti Express

  • Boat : Maruti Duta
  • Sanur to Nusa Penida : 7.30 am, 8.30 am, 10 am and 4 pm
  • Way back to Sanur : 7.30 am, 9 am, 3 pm and 4.30 pm

Dwi Manunggal

  • Sanur to Nusa Penida : 8 am, 11.15 am, 3.30 pm and 5.45 pm
  • Way back to Sanur : 7 am, 9 am, 2.30 pm and 5 pm
  • +62 82 147 048 099


  • Sanur to Nusa Penida : 8.15 am, 11.15 am, 3.15 pm
  • Way back to Sanur : 9.30 am, 1.30 pm, 4.30 pm
  • +62 81 338 377 336

El Rey Junior

  • Sanur to Nusa Penida : 8 am, 10.45 am, 3 pm
  • Way back to Sanur : 9.15 am, 2.15 pm, 5 pm
  • +62 82 339 715 433

Sri Rejeki

  • Sanur to Nusa Penida : 8.30 am, 1 pm
  • Way back to Sanur : 10 am, 4.30 pm
  • +62 85 102 535 049

Gogun Fast Boat

Angkal Fast Boat

  • Sanur to Nusa Penida : 8.15 am
  • Way back to Sanur : 4.30 pm
  • +62 81 353 805 054

Semabu Hills fast Boat

  • Sanur (Mertasari) to Nusa Penida : 8.30 am, 4 pm
  • Way back to Sanur (Mertasari) : 11 am, 5 pm
How to get to Nusa Penida from Bali Fast boat

Inside a fast boat

From Sanur to Sampalan

Idola Express

  • Sanur to Sampalan : 8.15 am, 10.30 am and 5 pm
  • Sampalan to Sanur : 7 am, 1 pm and 4 pm
  • WhatsApp : +62 81 808 072 488
  • email :

Caspla Bali

  • Sanur to Sampalan : 8 am, 4 pm
  • Sampalan to Sanur : 7.30 am, 3 pm, 5 pm
  • +62 85 10010 9999

Mola-Mola Express

  • Sanur to Sampalan : 8.30 am, 5 pm
  • Sampalan to Sanur : 7.30 am, 4 pm
  • +62 81 337 442 555

S’Gening Fast Boat

  • Sanur to Sampalan : 8 am, 5.30 pm
  • Sampalan to Sanur : 7 am, 4.30 pm
  • +62 82 2554 44272

From Kusamba to Sampalan

Gangga Express

  • Kusamba to Sampalan : 7am, 7.30 am, 8 am, 1.15 pm, 2.30 pm and 3.45 pm
  • Sampalan to Kusamba : 6.30 am, 7.10 am, 7.30 am, 12.30 pm, 1 pm, 2.15 pm


  • Kusamba to Nusa Penida : 6.30 am, 7.30 am, 11 am, 12.30 pm, 4 pm
  • Back to Kusamba : 7 am, 11.45 am, 3 pm
  • Public price : 100 000 IDR one way ticket

Caspla Bali (soon)

  • Pesinggahan to Nusa Penida : 7.30 am and 4.30 am
  • Back to Pesinggahan : 7 am and 3.30 am

From Kusamba to Toyapakeh (not operating currently)

Maruti Express

  • Kusamba to Toyapakeh : 8 am, 2 pm, 4.30 pm
  • Toyapakeh to Kusamba : 7 am, 1 pm, 3.30 pm

Semabu Hills fast Boat

  • Kusamba to Nusa Penida : 7.30 am, 2 pm and 4.30 pm (not operating currently)
  • Back to Kusamba : 7 am, 10 am and 4 pm (not operating currently)


Fastboat to Nusa Penida from Bali get to Nusa Penida go to Nusa Penida fast boats timetable

Go to Nusa Penida : schedules (sorted out by departure time)

Here are all the departure times from Bali to Nusa Penida :

From Sanur to Toyapakeh

7 am with Angel Billabong Fast Cruise

7.30 am with Maruti Express

7.30 am with Angel Billabong Fast Cruise

8 am with El Rey Junior

8 am with Dwi Manunggal

8.15 am with Gogun Fast Boat

8.15 am with The Angkal Fast Boat

8.15 am with Crown

8.30 am with Maruti Express

8.30 am with Sri Rejeki

9 am with Angel Billabong Fast Cruise

10 am with Maruti Express

10.45 am with El Rey Junior

11.15 am with Dwi Manunggal

11.15 am with Crown

1 pm with Sri Rejeki

2 pm with Angel Billabong Fast Cruise

3 pm with El Rey Junior

3.15 pm with Crown

3.30 pm with Dwi Manunggal

4 pm with Maruti Express

4.30 pm with Angel Billabong Fast Cruise

5.30 pm with Angel Billabong Fast Cruise

5.45 pm with Dwi Manunggal

From Sanur to Buyuk/Sampalan

8 am with S’Gening Fast Boat

8 am with Caspla

8.15 am with Idola Express

8.15 am with Mola Mola Express

10.30 am with Idola Express

4 pm with Caspla

5 pm with Mola Mola Express

5.30 pm with S’Gening Fast Boat

From Kusamba to Nusa Penida

6.30 am with SekarJaya (Sampalan)

7.30 am with SekarJaya (Sampalan)

8 am with Maruti Express (Toyapakeh)

8 am with SekarJaya (Sampalan)

12.30 pm with SekarJaya (Sampalan)

2 pm with Maruti Express (Toyapakeh)

4 pm with SekarJaya (Sampalan)

4.30 pm with Maruti Express (Toyapakeh)

Other ways to get to Nusa Penida

It is also possible to reach Nusa Penida by ferry from Padang Bay, especially if you want to travel with your scooter (but it is normally easy to rent a scooter in Nusa Penida for a price slightly higher than in Bali).

In the 1950s the designer Bob de Moor created a cartoon series dedicated to the adventurer Barelli. The arrival on the island was then sailing. The ferry should go a little faster … or not, because it leaves often with a lot of delay …

There are also public and private boat connections from Nusa Lembogan. The price is usually 60 000 IDR per person for a one way ticket.

Barelli get to Nusa Penida Bali Bob de Moor

What to do, where to go in Nusa Penida ?

There is a lot to do once you are on the island. It is a paradise for scuba divers, the landscapes are amazing and there is room for many adventures ! Read also my article about my 15 favorite places to see or go directly to my top 6 :