Warnakali dive center

Warnakali is a PADI 5 star dive resort, located above Toyapakeh harbour in Nusa Penida island. Its location, facilities and instructors make it a unique place to practice scuba diving in Bali and in Nusa Penida.

Warnakali Dive Center opened in Nusa Penida in August 2017. Its ambition, till the beginning, was to reach the highest level of satisfaction for scuba divers, in safe conditions. The efforts were rewarded because Warnakali joined the list of PADI 5 star dive resorts in Bali in less than 2 years. Divers from everywhere in the world come to dive in Nusa Penida underwater to meet the oceanic sunfish or Mola Mola and the Manta Rays at Manta Point. But there is much more to see. With the good guide and the best dive center you will get the best of diving in Nusa Penida and Bali.

Warnakali : a unique 3-meter deep pool in Nusa Penida

Warnakali swimming pool is emblematic of the ambition of the center. Its design meets all the objectives of professional scuba diving courses and amazing fun dives.

An awesome tool for scuba diving initiation and courses

The pool is divided in two parts. In shallow water people who never dived get used to the equipment. And breathe for the first time underwater. The 3-meter deep part of the pool is very important for a complete initiation before going at sea. Because the first meters are the most important to properly equalize the pressure in the middle ear with the outside pressure underwater. And when you master all the exercises in the reassuring setting of a pool, you enjoy even more your diving at sea ! It would be a shame not to enjoy diving with Manta Rays because you were poorly prepared, would’t it ?

The pool is also more than 10 meter long because some of the PADI courses require this length.You indeed develop basic scuba diving skills in a pool for your PADI Open Water Course. And you will also practice some of the exercices in the pool before performing them at sea.

The swimming pool is also very reassuring to reactivate the licence of divers who have not been scuba diving for a long time.

Discovery dive Nusa Penida Bali for kids

Discovery dive in a pool

An infinity pool to relax and enjoy sunset at Nusa Penida

The pool is also a great place for relaxation in Nusa Penida. It is perched on a hill overlooking Lembongan Strait. To the east, an amazing view of Mount Agung. To the west, great sunsets. So even for those who do not wish to take the plunge, the place is worth the trip. The dive center organizes sunset aperitifs. It consists of an introduction to scuba diving with a discovery dive in the pool, followed by an aperitif at sunset and a dinner. A very romantic experience if you travel as a couple ! Warnakali dive center is indeed one of the awesome place to see in Nusa Penida !

Sunset at Warnakali dive center Nusa Penida Bali

Sunset at Warnakali dive center

Warnakali instructors have a sound knowledge of Nusa Penida diving sites

Yann, the manager of Warnakali, has accumulated more than 4000 dives in Bali, including 2500 in Nusa Penida islands. He has dived more than 600 times at Crystal Bay, the most emblematic dive site in Nusa Penida, because this is where you try to meet the famous Mola Mola from August to October.

Nusa Penida diving sites are world famous, but they are also pretty technical. The current can indeed be quite intense in Nusa Penida islands (Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan). So diving with an instructor who knows the least characteristic of each dive site is an important asset. Guarantee of a successful dive during which you will see the max you can hope for, while being in total safety. Especially if you are looking for the Mola Mola !

And a guarantee of successful training whether you come for a discovery dive, a PADI certification or a more advanced diving course. The center recently certified a rescue diver who completed all her training after she originally was only looking after a snorkeling session with Manta Rays !

Manager Warnakali dive center Nusa Penida

Yann, manager of Warnakali dive center

Warnakali dive center and its brand new equipment

New and well maintained equipment is an important asset for great fun dives. But the dive center also has all the necessary equipment to dive safely. Including two essential equipment for safety : a radio and an oxygen kit on board of the boat.

Warnakali PADI dive center equipment room Nusa Penida

Warnakali dive center equipment room

Apart from diving or after diving ?

Warnakali has opened recently its restaurant. You can therefore come and enjoy the sunset and the rest of the evening in an exceptional setting. On reservation only, to preserve the uniqueness of the experience. Compose your menu, choose your drinks and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place.

Warnakali dive center restaurant Nusa Penida Bali

Warnakali dive center restaurant

Adiwana Warnakali hotel

Warnakali is a PADI 5 star dive resort. But it will get it’s full capacity as a dive resort with the opening of the Adiwana Warnakali Hotel, postponed because of the covid-19 crisis. The hotel features 15 ocean view rooms, a second restaurant with a second pool, a huge deck and a spa. Everything you need to make sure your diving trip to Bali and Nusa Penida will remain a great experience, engraved for ever in your memory !

Adiwana Warnakali Hotel room Nusa Penida Bali

Adiwana Warnakali Hotel room