Land for sale in Nusa Penida

Tanah di Desa Suana dengan pemandangan indah menhadap pulau Lombok. Hanya 5 menit dari pantai. beberapa pilihan ukuran (3 are, 4 are dan lain lain) dengan sertipikat. Total 40 are.

Land for sale in Suana Village at Nusa Penida with beautiful front views overlooking the island of Lombok. Only 5 minutes from the beach. Several size options (3 are, 4 are and others) with certificate. Total 40 are. Electricity is available on the land.

Tanah dijual di Desa Suana Nusa Penida
Land for sale in Suana, Nusa Penida

Description of the land for sale

The land faces east and Lombok. There are also beautiful views of the east Bali volcanoes. The land is gently sloping with a difference of 8 meters altitude between the top and bottom.

Tanah Suana Nusa Penida topographic model
Tanah Suana Nusa Penida topographic model

topo suana-Model

The land is divided in several plots. Plots C1 and C2 are already sold. Plots A1, B1, B2, D1, D2 and D3 are still available.

land for sale Suana Nusa Penida kavling

Some plots are flat with their wide side facing the view. Some plots benefit from the gentle slope of the land.

tanah dijual nusa penida plot kavling 3D

The land is in the middle of the nature with a 4 meters wide access road.

Suana land for sale tanah nusa penida access road
4 meter access road

The land has been cleaned of vegetation, while retaining the oldest and most beautiful trees. It is therefore ready for construction.

Suana land for sale tanah nusa penida drone
Suana land with a view

A road was also built to serve the different lots of the land, 2 meters below the lower level of the land to maximize the view from the land.

Suana land for sale tanah nusa penida cleaning
Clean land

Cut and fill of lots B1 and B2 has also been carried out, as well as the road that will specifically serve these lots.

road serving lots 5 6 7 8 suana land for sale nusa penida
Road serving lots B1, B2, C1, C2

What kind of villa can I build ?

The following architectural drawings are examples to illustrate the type of villas that can be built on each of the lots on the land.

On 300 m2 lots

The 4 lots of 300 m2 are flat and have their greatest length facing the sea. The architectural concept is a villa of 2 ensuite bedrooms, a large living room with integrated kitchen, a large swimming pool and of a garden. All the rooms are facing the sea. Access is from the rear of the villa with a parking space for one car. The floor space of the villa is approximately 200 m2.

3D 2 bedroom villa
3D 2 bedroom villa

In this concept the bedrooms are closed and air conditioned and the living room opens onto the terrace and the swimming pool. Each bedroom is large enough to accommodate an office. The location and size of the pool are modular.

3D vila 2 kamar tanah dijual Suana Nusa Penida
3D villa 2 bedroom
Drawing villa for sale 2 bedroom suana nusa penida
Drawing villa 2 bedroom

On 400 m2 lots

The 4 bigger lots (400 m2 and 450 m2) use the entire width of the land and therefore benefit from the natural slope of the land to organize a distribution of spaces over several floors. The architectural concept is a two storey villa. On the first level, a first ensuite bedroom, a large living room with a kitchen, a large swimming pool and a garden.

On a second level, two additional ensuite bedrooms. There is enough space on the land for a third level for additional bedrooms. All rooms face the sea. The surface of the villa is approximately 250 m2.

3D villa 3 bedrooms land for sale Nusa Penida
3D villa 3 bedrooms
3D villa 3 bedrooms land for sale Nusa Penida
3D villa 3 bedrooms
drawing villa 3 bedrooms land for sale Nusa Penida Bali
drawing villa 3 bedrooms

Overview of the villas on the land for sale

Here is an overview of the positioning of the two-bedroom villas and three-bedroom villas on their respective lots.

Each villa will have a sea view, an access to the road. Green walls will preserve the privacy of each lot.

General view of the plots
  1. Dr Daniella Feher says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to ask for more information about the land.

    Truly yours,

    • Blaise says:

      Hello Sobree,
      I sent you an email with all the information about the prices, for buy and sell or for lease.

    • Hello, I sent you a private e-mail. Feel free to ask if yu have any other question !

    • Blaise says:

      I sent you a private message. I hope you can visit the land soon !

      • David L says:

        Hi, are the plots still available? Could you let me know the prices?

        • Blaise says:

          Hello David,
          All the plots are still available except the plots C. I sent you by email all the information about the price.

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