Mangrove dive site is an easy spot, rich in colors. Dive Mangrove and you will to see many fish, small or large, reef and pelagic.

Mangrove Dive site

Mangrove dive site is one of the great dive sites in Bali. It is a vast coral plateau situated on the North coast of Nusa Lembongan.  It takes its name from the large mangrove area located at the eastern part of Lembongan, close to Nusa Ceningan Strait. Anyone diving Mangrove can see by himself the important role of mangrove in the local ecosystem. It indeed contributes to the health of the reef and the quality of the underwater landscape and the corals.

Turtle diving Ped Nusa Penida Bali


Mangrove dive site is famous for snorkeling but its topography makes it an ideal site for diving. Indeed, the gentle slope allows you to descend to around 40 meters. Novice divers will be able to practice in shallower areas where life is just as present. The plateau is the ideal place to see many fish, small or large, reef and pelagic. The show is so dense that you will not know where to look. A real feast for the eyes !

The current here is moderate to mild, depending on the tide and the proximity of the full moon. And if it’s a day with current, stay in neutral buoyancy, face the decorated floor and admire the show !

Diving Mangrove

The dive starts on top of a shallow garden of Formosa staghorn coral. The colors are shining because of the small depth. Further in the blue, following the slope, a beautiful layout appears, the bommies here indicates the way to deeper water. The tiny current makes us drift easily on a landscape full of life and incredibly preserved.

This site is extremely rich & diversified. Here you can find different species of reef fish, but also scissortail sergeant fish, surgeonfish, pufferfish, unicornfish. The coral diversity is unbelievable and goes as far as eyes can see. The fauna is also very rich with crocodilefish, reef sharks or turtles. It is indeed absolutely delicious to watch all those different species living together. To know more about the marine fauna in Bali you can read this guide of Nusa Penida diving.

At the end of the dive, close to Blue Corner dive site, we have good chances to admire white-spotted eagle rays and Marble rays facing the current.

Eagle Ray at Mangrove dive site, Nusa Lembongan

Eagle Ray at Mangrove dive site, Nusa Lembongan

Words of our guests diving Mangrove

Solène, Juin 2018

I discovered Mangrove dive site with Warnakali during my holidays in Nusa Penida. it was my first time in the tropics because I used to dive in France, in the South but also in St Malo. That’s why I asked my instructor to dive in an aquarium. I was definitely not disappointed !

When we arrived to the dive site, the crystal clear water already won my heart. We quickly went down. I had never seen so many corals and colors. We were totally surrounded by so many fish. I was living a dream !

There was a tiny small current so it was not necessary to kick, a lovely sensation. During that dive I also saw white-spotted eagle rays for the first time, it was magical. I really enjoyed every dive I did during my trip, but diving Mangrove was indeed my best memory.

Lucien, janvier 2020

The fourth dive we did to complete our PADI Open water course was particularly nice.

Diving Mangrove was great : we didn’t have to use our fins, we just had to drift nice and easy, carried by the current. Nevertheless we had to remain focus on the up & down currents to stay at the good depth. We did that dive with NITROX tanks. Another reason why we will remember this dive for ever !

We really had the feeling of flying, just enjoying that underwater world. It is an incredible sensation very different from walking on Earth. Also, the spot is rich in colors and surrounded by fish & turtles, each one more surprising than the other.

Diving Mangrove Instructors’ best of

Marion OWSI

If I had to choose one dive site to make my divers addicted to aquatic life, it would be Mangrove. I often qualifie it as a diving « leisure park » during my briefings. Why ? There are big and small animals, schools of fish going all around us. It is delightful to teach in those conditions.

I consider Mangrove as a site that can hit the mark whatever the level of the diver. It is the ideal spot to teach the Drift dive speciality. I also know that my Advanced open water students will perform perfectly this kind of dives. And after diving Mangrove they will be able to enjoy it all around the world !


Mangrove dive site is very special. The atmosphere there is different from Nusa Penida waters. We feel in another environment. I really enjoy those warm & crystal clear water after diving Manta point for example, where the water is generally cold.

Mangrove is such a nice spot to discover scuba diving or just having a nice ride. The ambiance is tropical, the drift is smooth. Current can be none to moderate here. Such a rich diversity of life makes that site perfect for any level of teaching : recognize fish with the fish ID adventure of the advanced open water course. Drift adventure & orientation are also courses that suits perfectly to the site.

It is a blessing to have such an easy spot, rich in colors & surprises. What a pleasure to see astonishment in my students eyes facing for the first time a barracuda, white-spotted eagle rays, some reef sharks or even a Mola Mola !

The characteristics of Mangrove dive site

Type of dive: drift, photography, identification

Depth: 6 to 35 meters

Level required: all levels (with the right guide)

Visibility: 20-25 meters

Current: none to moderate

Access: 10 minutes navigation from Toyapakeh

Fauna and Flora: Mola-mola, white-spotted eagle ray, marble ray, giant travelly, octopus, white-tip reef shark, nudibranch

Best time: All year

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