Coronavirus Covid-19 Bali and Nusa Penida Update

Daily update on coronavirus covid-19 in Bali and Nusa Penida and main restrictions put in place by the authorities to deal with the crisis.

Coronavirus Covid-19 stats in Bali and Nusa Penida

As of May 21st, 374 people (+3) got officially infected by COVID-19 in Bali. Among them, 280 recovered (+4) and 4 passed away (unchanged since April 22nd). It means that more than two thirds of those infected and detected since the origin have recovered. It is the highest rate as compared to all of Indonesia. Bali could therefore be one of the first territories to gradually reopen to tourism in July 2020. With the potential target to return to normal in October 2020.

The most recent victims are a 51 year old Balinese with diabetes antecedents (April 18th) and a 53 year old Balinese with hypertension antecedents (April 22nd). Both from the province of Denpasar.

Among the 374 people infected, 8 are foreigners and 366 are Indonesians. 215 were infected outside Bali and 151 in Bali. The Balinese authorities therefore insist on a strict control on arrival at Bali, including a quarantine. And also on the respect of prevention measures to avoid local transmission, such as wearing masks, keeping a distance and diligently washing hands.

The official numbers in Klungkung regency, the province of Nusa Penida are 20 people tested positive to covid-19, 19 cured and no casualty. Almost no change since May 10th. This means that officially only one positive person remains under surveillance. The island remains nevertheless locked down until further notice.

All official information, including emergency telephone numbers regarding covid-19 in Bali, is available on this site.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Bali map Nusa Penida

Coronavirus Covid-19 Bali map on May 20 2020

Travel restrictions due to Covid-19

Since April 2, in order to halt the spread of the coronavirus, the Indonesian authorities have banned all foreign arrivals until further notice.

In addition, authorities banned, on April 24th, international and domestic flights and ground transportation to and from Bali until June 1st. The aim is to avoid the large population movements that traditionally occur during Ramamdan and for Idul Fitri.

The government is making very strict prevention efforts at the airport for all travelers. The measures include, in particular, checking the body temperature and carrying out rapid tests. The balinese authorities take care of the infected people. But the province of destination is in charge of the people with a negative test. In particular for the implementation of a 8 days quarantine.

Nusa Penida applies even stricter control. Only inhabitants of Nusa Penida can come to the island. Companies operating form Sanur do not operate any more.

Covid-19 restrictions once in Bali and Nusa Penida

In Bali, significant restrictions concern areas deemed to be at higher risk such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Petitenget, Nusa Dua and Sanur. All tourist attractions and sites closed there, including the beaches.

Nusa Penida is not part of high risk area list. Nevertheless the local authorities decided to close most of the restaurants.

On top of that, all the staff follow the precaution measures suggested by the WHO to stop the spread of germs.

With a more personal point of view, this is the testimony of local inhabitants of Nusa Lembogan.

Coronavirus Covid-19 stop the spread of germs

How to stop the spread of Covid-19 germs

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